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Friday, November 8, 2013


We are Taiwan Get Tai. We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as one of the most reputable High/Low Projectors exporters in Taiwan. Particularly, we have been having DOT & E-Mark approved projectors. We are factory direct, accept small amount shipment.

l  3 times lightness than the original lamps
l  Exposure Width: 3 Lane driveways
l  Exposure Distance: Rise to 50 meter
l  DOT & E-Mark approved
l  100% Water Proof
l  Made In Taiwan
l  32 Nation Development Certification
l  ISO 9001
l  Fish eye lens
l   Design for Xenon HID kits

Three Guarantee:
1.       Only offer Authenticate projector lamps.
2.       One year warranty
3.       High quality products made in Taiwan

Special Car Front Bumper Fog Lamp Replacement:
Projector Fog Lamp 100% fit on compatible special car. Lens can resist bulbs heat 55 Watt.
Sealed beam bifocal lens, 100% water proof.

The Smallest Bifocal Lens In the World:
The quality to see good bifocal lens projector is depend on the bigger lens. We made the smallest bifocal lens in the world, to make a smaller lens must consider also prevent the heat from the bulb will melt inside. Today, TW-GT successfully done this job and created the smallest lens in the world.
Shine out: Z type

Popular 7” Sealed Beam Headlamp:
We always develop new lamp, also have some special sealed beam headlamp making.
The popular 7” round & 7 3/4 rectangular sealed beam headlamps will be ready for any quantity.
Shine out: Z type

Motorcycle Auxiliary Lamp:
We have been known as well for our earlier auxiliary lamps. These lamps can mount on ATV, motorcycle, cars & snow mobile. In present, our new auxiliary lamp still 100% water proof and can do as same great quality light shine as before.

Newest 90 mm Lamp:
The newest head lamp, mount on motorcycle.
Shine out: Z type

Please Prove Yourself Merchant

Retailers, eBay sellers, online store keepers and any existing stores are welcome,
if you are looking for other projector lamps for the special car, please type the

key word “TW-GT” on eBay search, you will find all our projector lamps.


We also offer CCFL & COB. 

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