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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Experience Sharing

As our experience for long time develop and manufacture car lamps, here we have to mention that, there are only two type of headlamp in present. The upon one is called Z type for RHD (Driver on the right side), normal headlight use this cut off design. The under one is called 15 degrees, this type is not easy to adjust.

How to know if you buy a GOOD LENS or a BAD LENS
How to figure out you are buying a good lens or a bad lens? Here we have a simple method to see it's
 quality, put a 55 Watt halogen bulb into the lens and keep it 72 hours, the BAD LENS's reflex reflector
 will peel off. In other hand, the GOOD LENS's reflex reflector won't peel off.

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