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Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 North American Car of The Year- Hyundai Elantra

2013 North American Car of The Year- Hyundai Elantra
We are ready for any quantity of Hyundai Elantra high/low projector fog lamps.
TW-GT, We are profession in develop high/low projector lamps. We are the most reputable seller in Taiwan, and we want to gain this business with you. People will be looking for them, because they can provide great light shape. Besides, it’s easy to mount on by its new design. If you have any question to our products, please don’t hesitate let us know.


l  3 times lightness than the original lamps
l  Exposure Width: 3 Lane driveways
l  Exposure Distance: Rise to 50 meter
l  DOT & E-Mark approved
l  100% Water Proof
l  Made In Taiwan
l  32 Nation Development Certification
l  ISO 9001
l  Fish eye lens
l  Design for Xenon HID kits
Mercedes Benz 1 2
Modifying Lamp

Please Prove Yourself Merchant

Retailers, eBay sellers, online store keepers and any existing stores are welcome,
if you are looking for other projector lamps for the special car, please type the

key word “TW-GT” on eBay search, you will find all our projector lamps.

Merchants Line:
Address: 115-5, Chonyan rd., Changhua city, Taiwan
Contacts: 886 47522080
FAX886 47634023

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